Paleo/clean eating- the few words people sometimes use for an extreme way of healthy eating and living that can often feel very overwhelming. I have found a few things over the last few years that have made this whole clean eating thing so much easier on me. 

smoothies and hidden nutrients

Anyone ever want to get nutrients into their kid, but not too sure how?? I've been there many, many times. Ren used to take each of these items off of the spoon until he realized they taste like dirt so now I've found a way to get all of these macro and micro nutrients in him and he actually enjoys it (insert jazz fingers).

My breastfeeding journey wasn't a walk in the park to say the least… I'm sure it's hard on most mommas with their first baby. It all started with our "unique" birth. I am learning to love our story more and more each day that passes by, but I'm sure that it played a small part in our not so easy breastfeeding journey.

My thoughts on vaccines

Vaccines. It's that hot button that no one ever wants to touch. I get it. It can be the reason for people not treating each other with respect and dignity. It has the power to create friends and enemies. Please hear me when I say that I don't want to do any of that... I simply, as I always have, want to share our story, our journey. This is a bit long, but I hope to shed light on parts of this subject for some and learn a little more myself as I write this.

Journey to Health

I've been on a journey to health and wellness since 2012. Some of the things that I have worked very hard to reverse in my own body are chronic eczema, psoriasis and leaky gut syndrome. I remember so clearly how miserable I felt when I had to have my topical medications with me wherever I went...