Wild Bird Ring Slings

In our search for good products that make a mommas life easier AND give back, Wild Bird ring slings win. Founded and designed by Tayler Golden, a mom looking for a way to cuddle her baby and have her hands free to take on the day, Wild Bird was born. They make top of the line chambray, linen and bamboo ring slings that are so simple to use. There are no ties, clips or buckles, just quick and easy wear. Whether you're on the go or taking a day at home with your little bird, keep them safe, happy and close to your heart. Wild Bird ring slings are ethically made in Salt Lake City, UT.  

I love my Kite Double Layer Chambray ring sling. My toddler who just turned two and is already 32lbs probably enjoys it even more than I do. Wearing my little buddy is especially helpful during those long teething days and those plain old grumpy days, because... he's two. The great thing about Wild Bird ring slings is that your babe can be comfortably worn up to 35lbs giving you versatility, allowing you to wear your babies from their first breath through the toddler years. 

We snapped a few shots of our evening in Palos Verdes, CA the other night and Ren was feeling extra cuddly. I LOVE moments like that because they are few and far between lately. If you're looking for a durable, safe and intentionally made sling for yourself or a new momma, check out Wild Bird. They have a variety of fabric options and amazing colors to choose from. 

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Linen Single Layer // $64.95
Double Layer Linen // $99.95
Chambray Single Layer // $79.85
Chambray Double Layer // $119.95
Bamboo Single Layer // $79.95


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