Remedies for teething that will save your life

I'm almost positive that this will be old news to so many, but since we are 4 and a half teeth in with a whole lot more to go, there's never any harm in sharing what has made it a bit easier on my sweet babe. I tend to lean towards a more natural route first and then when needed, I have no issues pulling out the tylenol. I can't really imagine getting all my teeth in over the course of a year, give or take a few months. For us, I have found a couple of different natural methods and an over the counter acetaminophen {fancy name for Tylenol} that is free of many additives and has done the trick every time. I'd say when accompanied with a lot of love and a lot of snuggles, especially on those really tough nights, when momma seems to be the very best medicine. 

So here are my tricks and tips!

I'd love to hear your ticks and tips too!