LITTLE WILLARD | The miracle teething neckalce

We hate seeing our littles in pain and then there's sometimes when we as moms find something that totally makes world of difference and when we find those things, we shout them to the whole wide WORLD! The Little Willard teething necklace is one of those things. I can't rave about them enough. They are made from Baltic Amber which naturally contains succinct acid, a mild pain reliever and anti-inflammatory that helps with teething and pain. Little Willard isn't only the bees knees for providing a great product, but even more for their commitment to people. They give back 50% of their proceeds to the locals in Kalinigrad, which is the source of their Amber on the Baltic Sea, home to many orphaned children who's adult lives are often ruined by sex trafficking, drug addiction and alcoholism. They care. They give back. Check them out! 

Little Willard Necklace | $15.99

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