6 Baby Gear Must Haves for New Mommas

Newborns don't require much in their first few weeks at home. Their tininess and need for sleep, milk and cuddles make for such a special season filled with joy, a little bit of exhaustion (or loads if you're me) and a whole lot of love. There are a few things that made my life much easier when I think back on having my son. Here is a list of the top 5 baby gear must haves for any new momma. 

Sleep gowns and sleep sacks

Something I learned very early on in my journey of parenting was that time is the most precious commodity we have. For me, it was how can I get more sleep and waste less time. Sleep is precious and sleep doesn't come often enough for new moms. Sleep gowns are one of those things that save time, precious, precious time. When needing to change a diaper in the middle of the night and not wanting to deal with snaps and zippers, sleep gowns are the easiest and most efficient way to get the job done so that you and your sweet babe can quickly get back to the sleep you both so desperately need. Sleep sacks are equally as amazing for the peace they bring. They are a super safe way to keep your baby warm and covered throughout the night. Babies stay safe, snuggled and content in these revolutionary sleep aides. 

Covered Goods Nursing Cover

These! I can't rave enough about these incredible nursing covers. As a new mom who struggled for three very long weeks to get a decent latch with my son, this cover was my LIFE SAVER. I had tried other covers that covered the front, but they didn't even compare to the 360 coverage that Covered Goods nursing cover gave. My very active newborn all the way to toddler was able to successfully nurse anywhere and everywhere thanks to the genius design of the Covered Goods nursing cover. The coolest fact of all is that each cover can also be used as a carseat cover, cart cover or fashionable scarf for momma. This really is a must have for new mommas. 

A Functional Diaper Bag   

Functional diaper bags are hard to come by. Everyone single one is so different and really caters to what you want or don't want. In my experience I have loved the backpack diaper bags just because they are so easy to tote around and don't leave me feeling like my shoulder is all tied up. As long as the diaper bag is deep and has lots of room for all of the stuff I tote from place to place, it's a winner in my book. Two brands that I personally love are Lily Jade and Petunia Pickle Bottom because of their unique design and long lasting quality. 


This was the very thing that helped keep me sane when my son, Ren, was brand new. The Solly Baby Wrap gives mommas their hands back so you can still get things done throughout your day without missing out on snuggles and closeness. You really can't beat the softness and durability of Solly Baby. Ren LOVED being in the wrap. He napped in it, often just stared at me in it and would instantly calm right down as soon as I placed him in it. This is really one item that saved my life and helped keep me  super close to my little one. Ren grew super fast in his first year of life and it felt like those wrapping days ended faster than they started and boy do I miss them. 

Natural Eco-friendly Pacifiers

There are two very special brands of pacifiers that I want to celebrate. Unfortunately much to my trying, my son never took a paci. We tried, but he just wanted the real thing. A couple of brands that we tried because I have had so many friends have success with them are Natursutten and Eco Paci, by Eco Piggy. They are both incredible brands that not only offer amazing true to life products, but they also really care for the environment by planting trees in the areas where their rubber comes from. If you have a new mommy friend looking to get pacis for her babe, be sure to get her one of these. She will thank you. 

Amber Teething Necklace

All the rumors are true. These necklaces really do help momma and baby make it through the teething months and years. No one wants to see their little one in pain or uncomfortable from the teething joys. Whether it's pre-teething or plain old irritability, these necklaces are a lifesaver. One of my favorite brands is Little Willard. They are doing so much good in the world one necklace at a time. Little WIllard gives 50% of their proceeds to care for orphans in Kaliningrad, which is the source of their baltic amber used to make their necklaces. They are just plain rad.  




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