Journey to Health

I've been on a journey to health and wellness since 2012. Some of the things that I have worked very hard to reverse in my own body are chronic eczema, psoriasis and leaky gut syndrome. I remember so clearly how miserable I felt when I had to have my topical medications with me wherever I went. I remember having psoriasis so bad on my scalp, which started to develop when I was 13 years old. My doctors and specialists gave me no hope except for topical oil medications that stained everything they touched and smelled really bad. I remember thinking to my young self, "Well, this is going to be embarrassing to have to apply this medication to my scalp every night when I get married someday."

Then there was leaky gut syndrome... brace yourself, this is gross, but someone out there may be able to relate and my hope is that by sharing, they may find some answers. My leaky gut was so bad that my belly button would actually leak fluid.. GROSS! The dermatologist labeled it leaky gut syndrome and said that she was going to prescribe me a medication to help it. I was only 16 years old... so now every time this happened, she would order a topical medication to "fix" the problem.

These health concerns are what led me on a journey to figuring out how to heal my body, instead of just temporarily getting rid of the symptoms. I hope that by sharing my story, I can help others find healing and have vibrant life again. I am still learning. I will continue to share what's worked for me and my family. This is a journey. A slow journey of discovery. Be easy with yourself. We have just enough grace for today as we make little choices that change our tomorrow. 

xoxo, Jamie