Fertility, sharing all the things that have worked for me

Our story is probably one that is like many others. We have had two heart breaking miscarriages. One before our son Ren was born and one before our daughter Fynn. We reached out to our naturopathic doctor after the first and second miscarriage and each time he had more advice than we could have hoped for. So here are some of the things we avoided and implemented when preparing both of our bodies for pregnancy.


While eating fresh is a great place to start, staying away from processed foods as they are nutrient void is also hugely important. Avoiding genetically modified foods, gluten, refined sugar, soy and bad fats such as soy, canola, corn, cottonseed, etc. is the best place to start.

  • Genetically Modified Foods - “Francis Pottenger realized in the 1930’s that processed foods such as bleached white flour, white sugar, soda pop and other packaged items were void of nutrition and in fact, caused infertility. He predicted that within 3-4 generations of consuming these types of foods, our country would be battling infertility, and he was right. You can read the Pottenger Cat Study book. In order to reverse this process, one must eliminate all Standard American Diet foods and eat whole foods as close to the way God originally designed them as possible.”

  • Stress - Stress negatively affects the body in a number of different ways. This has been true in both times I miscarried. Both times were high stress times for me. One was graduating nursing school and sitting for my state boards and the other was a big family move. A way to help decrease stress and help the body to deal with stress better is the use of magnesium foot baths which I’ll talk about below. Another great way is the use of herbs like holy basil, lemon balm, chamomile, lavender, etc to promote relaxation.

  • Plastic - Our family tries to be a mostly plastic free. Plastic contains synthetic “hormone mimickers” which disrupt your natural hormones. Try if at all possible to drink from glass bottles and only use glass storage containers as well. We like THESE for reusable baggies, THESE for our water bottles and THESE for food storage.


Diet - We have to start with our diets. Every single thing put into our body has some sort of affect on the body in either a positive or a negative way. The best place to start is eating fresh. Fresh fruits and vegetables is the perfect way to begin a healing journey to health. Trying to eat organic as much as possible and avoid the havoc that genetically modifies foods plays on the body is critical. When shopping for foods you can read the label on fresh produce to know if it is organic or genetically modified. Nuts and seeds help

When reading produce stickers, pay attention to the following:

  • Begins with 9 = Organic

  • Begins with 8 = Genetically Modified

  • Begins with 3,4,5 = Conventionally grown – Most likely contains chemicals

Minerals - Calcium and Magnesium are believed to be the single most important minerals related to conception. The best way to obtain these minerals is from whole food sources and not “carbonate” forms. Green leafy vegetables are an excellent source and raw cacao (chocolate) is one of the highest known sources of magnesium. But NOT processed junk food candy-chocolate. This will be damaging to fertility hopes.  The best time to take minerals is right before bed. This will also promotes sleep and healing.



  • NHI has MacaHarmony which is amazing for fertility - I got pregnant with Fynn the first month on this

  • NHI has Macalibrium which is for men to increase testosterone and sperm count - Aaron takes this because it also helps with mental clarity, mood and helps promote healthy sleep

  • Fertility Prep by Wishgarden for women’s fertility, this was also a part of my daily regiment

  • Deer Antler is a hormone generator that has been used in Asia and other areas out East for thousands of years. It helps the body to balance the endocrine system and turn on hormone production.

  • Proferia by Arthur Andrew is a progesterone cream, I use this during pregnancy and even in between periods as well

  • Progesteronic by Wishgarden naturally increases progesterone levels

More Thoughts on fertility and God’s natural design for pregnancy below