The LA zoo, two sweet babes and two tired mommas

My heart can't stop exploding with gratefulness and thankfulness. My stomach is full of butterflies at all moments of the day as we get to spend the next few weeks with my sister and her sweet family. Babies just have that magical ability to make you become total mush on the inside and goo and gahh on the outside. Kaia Dream is seriously a total dream. She carries such peace and is giving me baby fever all over again. Today we went to the Los Angeles Zoo, just the four of us, my sister and her babe and my ever growing toddler. It's so funny how we as moms do things to wear our kids out, like the Zoo, and then we end up feeling more wore out than them. Ren was a lot busier this time. He wanted out of the stroller more times than last and enjoyed the sound the chimpanzees made more than any other exhibit. His little face lit up every time another 2 foot tall babe came his way. He sure does love people and has no fear when it comes to exploring, even going off on his own giving this momma a constant panic attack. That little tike is fast as lightening. This age has been so much fun as he grows and adventures out into this world he's found, but exhausting too as I feel like I'm having to constantly correct and guide him. I feel a lot more "on" throughout the day and by 4pm I feel very much like I've given all I have. Then that sweet face always seems to know when I feel tired, done and feel like I have nothing left. Today after we got back from the Zoo he went down for a super quick nap and I was so wishing I could've winded down enough to do the same, but in the blink of an eye that sweet wimper came from his room and I went to the rescue. When he came out of the nap haze, he grabbed his books and brought them too me. He just wanted me to sit there and read to him and that I did until we both felt like we could brave the rest of the afternoon together. If you know Ren, you know he doesn't like to sit still, he's always on the move and is busy busy busy. So of course in that moment, dinner can wait, laundry can wait and even peeing can wait. All that matters is him. Loving him. Being there for him. In those moments when I meet his small needs, mine are usually met in a big way. I cherish those moments more than anything. Just him and I laughing, talking and being together. He's really becoming quite the sweetest little boy. I am so thankful he's mine. There is nothing like it.