valentines day abroad

We made it! The moment I stepped off of the 30hr plane ride to India, I could smell it. The spices and culture that I love so much, flooding my heart and mind with some the most amazing and hilarious memories that I hold so close. I felt like I was home again in my home away from home. English is the second (or even seventh) language for many here. That's one of my favorite parts of traveling internationally. I love being somewhere where you have to rely on so much more than just language to get you through the day. Anyways, back to our arrival. My mom and I got split at customs as she went through the business visa line and Ren and I went through the tourist visa line. I was questioned a million times as per usual as to why I was there, where I would be staying and after the pictures and fingerprinting Ren and I were finally granted access in. I met up with my mom again and we began to exit customs and then go through security to exit the airport, not quite sure as to why that was necessary, but we did it and went on our way to collect our bags. So we made it to my sister and brother in laws house and the baby snuggles, toddlers giggles and catching up began.

We've spent the last few days recovering from jet lag and helping Ren get over altitude sickness  (who knew that was a thing) from the 30hrs of flights to get here. He's doing much better now, thank God. So today we woke up at 6am, that's Ren's favorite time of day, even in India and started our day. Aaron sent us flowers and then we went out for lunch with a really good friend and enjoyed some delicious lattes. Now I am sitting here writing this little note with my baby napping in his pack-n-play and my sweet newborn niece, I love saying that word so much, asleep on my chest while my sisters gets some rest. Of course I miss the love of my life terribly back in California, but this so far has been such a special Valentine's Day. Surely one that I won't forget.