7 plants that I've managed to keep alive

Keeping plants alive has proven to be a challenge in our home. Maybe that's just because of LA apartment life or maybe it's just that green thumb that I seriously may not have... sorry momma. For the past few months we've made quite a few trips to Orchards Supply and I have finally found a few plants that are, well, Jamie proof. So if you have a hard time keeping plants alive, definitely go the succulent route and maybe even try a few old time favorites like Hanging Ivy.

Echeveria - The key to this plant is very minimal water. Literally water these little guys every two weeks or so. 

Aloe Plant - Water every two weeks. This plant likes to be dry. It likes lots of light so get this little one out in the sun.

Hens and Chicks - Just like the previous two, minimal water and lots of light.

Senecio vitalis 'Serpents' - Water to leave soil slightly moist, but never soggy and lots of light.

Hanging Ivy - Water when the soil becomes dry about 1/2 an inch. Ivy likes bright, indirect sunlight.

Baby's Tears - This plant enjoys elevated levels of humidity so we typically keep this on our bathroom counter since we live in a dryer climate. It prefers indirect sunlight, we have a sky light in our bathroom so it works out pretty well. Baby's Tears also enjoys moderately moist soil.  

Bonsai Tree - These little trees love the sun. They also prefer that their soil never be fully dry. Sometimes it is necessary to water them once a day, especially when they are in direct sunlight for most of the day.

Any one out there have any other tips or plants that seem super difficult to kill? I am open to ALL suggestions :)