Ren learns Infant Swim Rescue

This summer Aaron and I decided to sign Ren up for ISR {Infant Swim Rescue}. My parents have a pool here in LA and although I like to think of myself as a helicopter parent when it comes to watching him like a hawk around the house and pool deck, let's be real, accidents happen. 

Infant Swim Rescue is a series of lifesaving techniques that are taught over a period of 6-8 weeks Monday-Friday for 10 minutes a day. I'll be honest, the commitment was hard at times and the discouragement I felt from him screaming, for a solid 2 weeks, each and every time we pulled up to the house where we did his lessons at was tough. I am so thankful for his instructor, Kathryn, for her patience, encouragement and constant praise for every little accomplishment Ren made. By day 5 he had excellent breath control, which I was so super proud of. Up until that point he always choked when I would run a small cup of water over his head in the bath to rinse the soap off. On week 3 he made a huge turn and started to not only feel confident with the techniques he was learning, but he also started to really enjoy the lessons. Little man tested out at the end of 6 weeks! 

It was an incredible experience that I will definitely do with each of our kids. It was worth every minute, tear and triumph. We are so proud of our little guy. He passed his test yesterday while wearing winter and summer clothes while floating for 3+ minutes. I can't even do that in {just} a swim suit let alone winter clothes, so we are super, super proud of him. We can't wait for the refresher course next spring! 

Ren, YOU ROCK buddy.