He's in the waiting

We recently visited family on the east coast. My family lives there in the same small town I grew up in. It is sweet southern charm at it's best. Everyone greets you with a smile and the phrase "slow living" doesn't even compare to how beautifully slow life can actually feel there. Ren and I had so much fun hanging with all the littles and sweet mommas every single day. Who knew that a moms night could go till 2am with more laughs than you can count. My heart felt so full.

You see, we live in a big city, a tiny apartment and sleep with two sound machines to drown out the noise of a busy city. It takes a long time to get from A to B because of the amount of traffic and people and life is crazy expensive no matter how hard we try to "stick to the budget."

When we returned home of course my heart was homesick for my family and friends. Ren loves his grandparents and naturally began asking for them the day we got back to LA. By this point I usually would have brought up the "Let's move to NC" topic to my sweet west coast{born and raised} husband, but something in me felt content, happy and satisfied right where I am. This song kept coming to mind by Kristene Di Marco. Some of the lyrics say, "Take courage my heart, stay steadfast my soul. He's in the waiting." I have been singing that song for the last two weeks and have tried to make an intentional choice to be aware of what God is doing in my life, now. I often have to remind myself, there's so much that will be missed if I look too far ahead and forget to enjoy the journey we are on.

I know I'll look back someday and be even more thankful than I am today to be living life with my little family in one of the greatest cities. I'll miss the beach days, zero humidity and warm {year round} weather. I'll miss that we can always do something new on date night and I'll definitely miss our afternoon drives up highway one.

There's something special about the in between, the here and now especially when we can embrace it with arms wide open.