Indian Lake | New York

Living in California hasn't made it very easy when it comes to seeing our family on the east coast, so this year my mom organized a week on Indian Lake in upstate New York where we could relax, have some fun in the sun and enjoy time with family. I'm one of 21 first grandkids and now there's 7 great grandkids with more on the way. To say we have the best time EVER when we are together is an understatement. We were so blessed to be able to stay at the "Camp Pierce" cabin on the lake. We spent nights by the fire, days on the water and evenings catching some of the olympics. I can't wait to be able to do this again someday with many of the family that wasn't able to make it. Ren loved every part of the vacation, the flight, the water and the rain! Yes, he had his first rain experience and loved it. I also was a little over ambitious and took him on the paddle board (he hated it because he wanted grandpa) and tubing, which he also hated. 

Anyways, I'm rambling. I made a video to capture some of the time we had there. Enjoy :)