"Great is Thy Faithfulness"

Lord knows mommas work hard for that schedule. I know I did. I worked tirelessly for months and months AND months to get Ren to sleep through the night. Like he was seriously over a year old before he ever slept through the night. I fought hard for that. A quick trip to India did the trick and the babe slept through the night like a king. He's a trooper now and goes down with a story read, some giggles, a quick prayer and kiss goodnight. Then he's down for the count for 12-14 hours. What a blessing, RIGHT?!?!

Tonight, I was rocking my little babe just because I needed it, not him. He seemed super restless so I just started singing. This rusty voice of mine just started singing the good ole hymn, "Great is Thy Faithfulness." It's been years since I've heard the words or the tune for that matter. I sat there singing over him thinking about all the times God has been so very faithful in our lives and how even when we feel that He's far, He's really so very near.

I thought Ren was asleep after I sang the same 3 lines over and over and over, like seriously a million times over. And then a few seconds later I heard this little hum come from my toddler laying on my chest simply nudging me to keep going… (insert- my heart torn out of my chest and crying eyes emoji forever!)… So you better believe I sang my heart out, struggling to shove that giant lump in my throat down, trying not to totally lose it. I cannot believe I get to love this little boy. It's moments like these that just pour back into my heart and soul that I am doing a decent job at this mom thing.