3 Ways Our Family Reduces Daily Waste

Hey guys! We’ve compiled a few ideas of ways our family chooses to make a smaller footprint in the world. These include the use of stainless steel water bottles, reusable sandwich baggies and bento boxes. We’ve managed to daily reduce the waste we create by switching just a few daily items, making the world a better place for ourselves and all those to come. So here we go!


Simple Modern

Simple Modern water bottles are incredibly durable and the company is continually working alongside their manufacturing partners to make the creation, distribution, and disposal of their products as clean and earth friendly as possible. Simple Modern gives over 10% of their profits to charities making them a company focused on a better planet for all. They look great and have tons of color options and when i say they’re durable, I mean they are kinda indestructible.



We love Bumkins. They are affordable and a great way to save on the daily use of plastic baggies. Our kids love these with their snacks in them. Whether at the pool, in the car, in the stroller or in the lunchroom, these bags are eco friendly and a great way to save money and leave a smaller foot print on the planet. To get them clean, you just wash them by hand and let them dry on the counter. They are super easy and come in great colors and patterns.


Bento Box

The Bento box is a LIFE SAVER! I pack this thing full of breakfast everyday to have after my workout. It has so many compartments and is sturdy as can be. I love that it’s not plastic and is super durable. If you get one thing to move in the direction of eco friendly living, grab one of these.