Preschool Homeschool {for the mom who feels overwhelmed}

Homeschool! The word that used to make me cringe. From goofy clothes to awkward conversations with others to just simply not wanting to be that family with the kids who don’t seem to fit into society, I had never ever entertained the thought of homeschooling our kiddos. It wasn’t until I found great resources and realized that it could be as boring or as fun as I wanted it to be, really. Suddenly there seemed to be freedom with creating our own schedule, one that works for us and the passion and joy that I found in teaching our son made me see the possibilities. I started out with a series called 5 In a Row last fall and although it is a literature based product that I love, it didn’t seem to have that structure that I needed and was looking for. So we got a hold of The Good and The Beautiful last year and WE LOVE IT!

For the mom who feels overwhelmed, I GET IT! My son loves learning, writing, reading, all of those things, but how was I going to actually teach him and teach him well especially with a newborn and what felt like no time to get anything done? The answer is to take it one day at a time. Most days we get “school” in while our littlest one, Fynn, goes down for a nap around 11:30. The great thing about this curriculum is that on most days school takes us less than 20 minutes! TWENTY MINUTES, YA’LL! Somedays it’s a bit longer and somedays it’s less than 10 minutes. Leaving plenty of time for me to connect with Ren while his little sister sleeps and then shortly after we finish he has his own “room/nap” time and mommy still gets the break I need to do whatever needs to be done.

I am so grateful for The Good and The Beautiful because Ren is learning so very much and enjoying the process, which is the most important part. Most of our learning comes through play as this point. I mean, he’s only 4. But it has been super refreshing to watch him love learning how to write his name, or count to 20 and even begin to sound out and read short words. The curriculum is so affordable and with a kids pair of scissors, construction paper and some crayons you’re ready to start! They even include a ton of games with the material. They make learning fun and always exciting.

We don’t know what the future looks like. Like one of our kids may thrive best in a traditional school setting, while another may thrive in a homeschool setting, so we have just decided, that for our family, we will take it one year at a time and one kid at a time. This way we can always be evaluating what is best for our kids and family.

I hope this was helpful!

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Preschool Homeschool Starter Supplies

#2 Pencils
Colored Pencils
Toddler Scissors
Glue Sticks
Construction Paper
Washable paint
Paint brush

That’s it! Everything else used in the curriculum are typical household items like cotton balls or a clothes pin or coins, like pennies, nickels and dimes.