that 6 am wake up call

6 am. Faithfully, every single morning my son wakes up at 6am. Sometimes 5:58 and sometimes 6:12, but never a minute past 6:12. I have to admit, it's been a long year. Babies take a lot out of you and stretch you more than you'd ever think they would.

Before Ren, I was still an early bird, just not that early and on the weekends I'd sleep in {a bit}. When I was a nurse I had to be at the office by 7, which for me and my personality meant clocking in at 6:45 and waking up no later than 5:15. I've always hated being late, so there's that. And now every morning at 6 am, my little guy starts moving around in his crib, which quickly escalates to a loud cry like he's saying, "GET ME OUT OF HERE! DON'T YOU KNOW I'VE BEEN IN HERE FOR HOOOURSSSSS!"

So I peel my exhausted body off of the sheets and open his door and 9 times out of 10 his crying stops immediately and a sweet smile comes across his chubby, little face, like he's saying, "I knew you'd come eventually, momma." My heart skips a beat, because even though I'm tired, I really did miss him and I can't wait to start our day together. You see, it doesn't matter whether he goes to bed at midnight or 6 pm, his little internal clock tells him it's time to start all of our adventures at 6 am. Sometimes I hear that little voice and I get slightly frustrated that we haven't been able to sleep in since he was born. Those are real feelings. They don't make you any less of a mom or say that you love your babies any less. In those moments of frustration I am quickly reminded that even when I think seasons will last forever, like when he woke up several times a night until around 10 months old (he is just now starting to faithfully sleep through the night). Seasons actually move much faster than I'd like.

I am daily learning how to adjust, like going to bed earlier so that I have the grace and strength to make it through the next day, or utilizing "me time" during his short naps a bit better. Even though he's up at 6 am every-single-day, we are learning to seize the morning {together}. Most days start with a super early breakfast and a morning walk, followed by building blocks, going to the park (wayyyy before the other kids) and practicing our walking game alllll before his morning nap.

Choosing joy even when it's hard is imperative, even when I fail at that many, many times a day. Thank God that He meets us each and every time we feel empty, too stretched and just plain old tired.