10 ideas for traveling on a plane with a toddler

Traveling usually is and can be exhausting, especially when you're flying with littles. Our little world traveler has been to North Carolina quite a few times along with flying to India and South Africa in his two short years so we've had to have some things up our sleeves when we travel with him. We are leaving for New York City today so I thought I'd share TEN fun toy ideas for flying with toddlers/kids. The list of fun things I pack him is always changing and these ones above he hasn't seen yet, so I am hoping he finds them super interesting and fun. 

ABC & 123 Gel Clings - These are great for little ones to put on the window. It also helps them from being that person who lifts and closes the window panel every two minutes. A little color and stickies go a long way when trying to entertain a toddler. 

Magnets - Ren LOVES these. There are so many different types of tins out there with different themes to keep your little one busy.

Finger Puppets - Finger puppets are great way to use imaginative play while keeping them busy, allowing the time to pass a little quicker. 

Cars - Cars are pretty much the all time best gift, distraction, and toy. Ren LOVES diecast cars, especailly when they are "Cars" themed. When we fly or travel I usually get him one as a surprise and give it to him on the plane if he starts getting anxious or bored. It's worked every single time so I'll probably stick to it for a little while. 

Play Doh - Play Doh is great for the kid who wants to stay busy and be creative. I love this little activity as it's just the right amount to play and not make a mess. If you're wanting something a little more eco-friendly check out this awesome Modeling Clay.

iPad - When all else fails, iPad... it's pretty amazing at distracting when you need it and in unison all the parents said "AMEN!" :)

Activity Book - These are great to give your kid a chance to learn and play while they're being ever so patient along the journey. 

Sticker Book - I don't know about anyone else, but my little guy LOVES stickers. So books like this keep him busy for hours. 

Melissa and Doug Reusable Sticker Books - THESE! If you haven't gotten these for your kids you've got to take the plunge. They are amazing. Ren sits and plays with these forever, creating little stories with every sticker placement. They are my favorite thing to have when traveling, espeically since they are reusable. 

Coloring Books - You can never have enough coloring books or crayons on a plane. If you're feeling brave you can even bring along some markers... or not, those can get messy.