when you get a date night, run with it. make it count.

Love. There's nothing like it. My main guy was out of town {working} for the last 10 days…  yes, I said and meant TEN. It was far too long. Until I went to India last February for the birth of my baby niece. The longest we had been away in 5 years of marriage and an additional year of dating was like 5 days. When I went to India with my little boy we were there for 15 days. It was hard, but we were so filled with joy seeing my sister for the first time in over 15 months and meeting my niece that the trip seemed to fly by like the wind and before I knew it, I was back in his arms again {thank God!}. So back to him leaving for the last 10 days… I survived it and felt like I could totally handle this mom thing. Then somewhere around day 5 I was like "OK, I"M READY TO HAVE YOU BACK BABE, COME THE HECK HOME." So after 10 long days {and nights} he came back and I think even more pumped to see him than me was REN! His little face was so excited to see his dad. He let out the sweetest little squeal and the smile never left his face for the REST of the day. Ok kid, are you trying to make momma look bad here!?!?!  We got a date night last night, all the people said "AMEN!" Oh was it needed. We put the babe down and my parents watched him. Can we just give a shootout to the grandparents!? They truly make the world go round for us. And we are blessed to have both sets around and always eager to help. So the date night... Aaron and I drove to our favorite Studio City dinner place… all the locals and even tourists seem to love, Aroma. We ate the biggest dinners ever, skipped out on dessert and had the best conversations. He truly is my best friend and life is just better when he's around. We talked about our dreams, our favorite things we love and the things we have discovered in LA and talked about where we want to be in the next year or so. I don't think we've had that much uninterrupted conversation in, well, a long time. We ended the night sitting in our car not wanting to go inside and "adult" just yet. So we stayed in the driveway, cracked a bottle of wine that we had intended to drink overlooking the city, sitting in the car just catching up. It was like the old dating times. Those times I cherish more than anything. Talking about all things big and small, insignificant and huge. We laughed our heads off, danced to music we've never listened too before and couldn't seem to wipe the contagious smiles off of our face as we walked through the front door. Life with him is good. It's so far from perfect at times, but I love it. I would't trade our story or our journey for anything. It's just good. Plain and simple, just good.