my new found appreciation for the working mom

I recently went from being home full-time with my little nugget to working two days a week at a local urgent care and I have to admit that I love it. There are many things that I have missed about using my skills. I've missed the fast pace, blood, guts, you know, the normal stuff... not quite the ER, but way more than your typical urgent care. The doctors I get to work with are great and the staff has been super welcoming. The adjustment into working again has been easier than I thought, but it has also had it's challenges. I sure do miss Ren somedays wayyyy harder than others. It's tough being away from him when I am so used to being together all of the time. My monday nights after, Ren goes down, are now filled with baking all of my his grain free treats (muffins, pancakes and waffles to name a few) with hopes to make his two days home with dad a little easier. Then I make sure all of the laundry is caught up and that his little diaper bag is filled with any and all necessities for the following day. I usually end my night setting out the almonds to soak through the night so they can be ready to turn into almond milk in the morning all so my little buddy has his "ah milt" because it's his favorite and that's what mommas do.

I share this not because I am super woman, because that would be sooooo far from the truth. What I have realized in a very short period of working just two days a week is that working moms really do SO much. I never realized how much thought and energy would go into making sure everything is in order for Ren to have a good two days while I'm gone AND I only work twice a week! 

I was so fortunate to be able to stay home with my son full time until he was 20 months old and boy was that a blessing. I got a fast wake up call of all of the hard work that goes into being home alllll dayyyy longggg with a newborn, then infant and then toddler. It can be so fun and so exhausting all at the same time and now I get to see a small glimpse of what it takes to work AND run a home. It's been a journey and although I sometimes feel like I am still trying to find my new groove, I am so very thankful for this new found perspective for mommas on both sides of the spectrum, because moms literally hold it ALL together.