grace on grace

They tell you when you're pregnant to sleep while you can. They often say, you'll never sleep again or to prepare yourself for all the lack of sleep to come. That doesn't really seem like the most encouraging thing, but there can also be some truth to those statements. Here it is Saturday morning. They used to be filled with sleeping in way past sunrise, snuggling till lunch and starting the weekend off with loads and loads of rest. Now a days with our sweet little, Saturday mornings are much different, getting up with the sun followed by snuggling in bed with mom and dad so we can sneak in a few more minutes before our feet start the day. They tell you to sleep before the babies come and although there are many mornings when the grace seems to run thin, sometimes so very thin, I wouldn't trade early morning chats and snuggles with my little man for anything. His time this tiny is short. It's true, I've never worked harder and never slept less, but the call to motherhood is one laced in grace and wrapped in love. Good days far {far, far} outweigh the hard ones, I convinced they always will. Here's to motherhood, perspective and keeping things real.