Hi, I'm Jamie, curator of Mellow Mondays. You'll usually find me with a lop sided topknot and work out clothes, because that’s this busy season of having young ones I’m currently in. I am married to my best friend, Aaron. He’s the rock of our family and I’m so thankful he’s ours. He's a real estate agent and is the hardest working guy I know.

I am a nurse by trade and some days I am not sure how that happened since I have always been into all things natural and maybe {a bit of} a closet germaphobe... but I love all of the rush, act fast on your feet, blood and guts kind of thing (I know sooooo weird) and a million other things about being a nurse.

With a strong desire to eat clean and take care of this one body I’ve been given is where Mellow Mondays was born. This is our slow journey to finding what works for us and being an open book about the process.

We spend most weekends chasing our little dude, Ren and getting in all those baby snuggles with our newest little babe, Fynn. On the other days we're busy CrossFitting, homeschooling, collecting leaves & rocks and cleaning up messes.

We find ourselves seeking the slow life in the Queen City of Charlotte. 

I’m so glad you’re here! Stay as long as you’d like.

xoxo, Jamie 

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